Applications Development

1. Applications Development

From Development to Production, your custom software development partner is here to help

Service Description:
The reasons businesses should develop applications are to make experiences and interactions simpler and more accessible to end users who need them. Anything from changing user behavior to new internal requirements can be a reason to seek out an application development partner, and it’s important to find one that makes it work for both your business and the end user. ZOHL is that type of partner.

There are a lot of application types and integrating platforms available, and ZOHL can help you make the right choice. Our teams have had experience updating legacy applications, simplifying complex systems, and integrating platforms that aren’t built to integrate. We offer a strategic approach that gives you the most valuable end product.

The method of finding a solution to your business problem is something that ZOHL excels at. By employing experts who can integrate with your team directly, we work quickly and efficiently to define a course that will meet your strategic objectives. Whether you need a ground-up solution or help salvaging an under-performing application, we can jump in and test solutions in a way that gives you options for success, and not just a prescribed solution that doesn’t align with your business needs.

Mobile & Web Applications Development:
We strive to serve our customers with relentless commitment. Once engaged, our highly skilled and knowledgeable team will give their full attention to details, thus, ensuring 100% success of the projects. All team members have exposure to all sorts of technology such as Android, iOS, HTML, PHP, Java, .NET, etc.

Business Applications :
A high-impact application is a simple application. Getting a goal-oriented application developed particularly for a client intensive company, can work wonders on productivity, management and sales. Such robust apps do not over stretch their users. They work efficiently in as little information as possible and load quickly with an inviting user interface.

At ZOHL, all applications are created from scratch, so that each one can be modeled to do its job perfectly. Our final result is a clean, uncomplicated and an inviting design that is a pleasure to use.

Our team has collaborated with our clients on a variety of business focused projects. We have successfully completed work on applications ranging from those that operate as a service to notify customers on progress regarding their orders to employee based tools that make company-client interactions smoother, and more streamlined.

As with all our projects, every application is tested rigorously through our QA process, to ensure a sturdy end result. Due to efficient and well thought out plan, all of our apps are as light as possible without sacrificing functionality.

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ZOHL has solid experience with a host of opensource and proprietary technologies.