Business English for Workplace Communication


Date : March 26-27, 2019 @ ZOHL Consultancy


This course is a series of modules to develop an awareness of the relevant skills and language use in day to day workplace activities. Feedback from participants who have undergone this program proves that this program is very helpful and important to boost the participants’ confidence in conversing in English with colleagues, clients, counterparts and bosses. This course focuses on improving participants’ interactive speaking skills via the communicative approach and involves listening and understanding other people’s ideas, communicating your own ideas, and above all, exchanging ideas through contextualized and fun practice activities with the aim of communicating your message effectively. Each participant has to undergo the practical aspects of each skills such as drilling and role-plays. Templates for the various situation will help participants reinforce their skill when they
return from the course. Group feedback and discussions reinforces learning.

This is a two-day course broken up into three modules, best suited for a maximum of 20 employees participating in each session. Each module will be equipped vocabulary lists and key English phrase, as well as cross cultural tips.

  • English for the Telephone
  • English for Socializing
  • English for Meetings

This course sets a readiness platform for subsequent skills acquisition
such as negotiation and oral presentation skills. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE / REGISTER


  • This program aims to build a firm foundation of verbal and written
    skills to communicate and function in a wide range of situation for
    human resource development and customer relationship.
  • The modules also focus on the interpersonal skills that refine participants’ ability to become credible when they communicate with
  • Participants should be able to respond to situations and communicate their ideas effectively and confidently using skills and expressions that are appropriate and relevant for different situations and
    purposes so that they can avoid misinterpretations and misunderstandings in their conversations and discussions.


This program will be conducted with:

  • Interactive Lecturers | PowerPoint presentation | Discussions |
    Simulated Games | Practical Exercises | Role Play | Case Study