Business Succession Planning


Date : July 3-4, 2019 @ ZOHL Consultancy Sdn Bhd

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Business succession planning is all about being prepared. The loss of valuable leadership can cripple even the strongest of companies. Succession planning is an essential component to the survival and growth of any business. Whether it is grooming employees to become leaders, or preparing for an employee’s retirement your participants will identify common obstacles and how to overcome them. Our Business Succession Planning workshop will show you the differences between succession planning and mere replacement planning. How you prepare people to take on leadership responsibilities is just as important as hiring the right person for the job. Every company should have a form of succession planning in its portfolio. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE REGISTER


A key, often overlooked, component of business continuity planning is the ability for an organization to recover when valuable leadership is lost. This Succession Planning course lays the framework for a carefully crafted succession plan and can elevate an organization from mere leadership replacement, to a successful & thriving transition.


  • Define business succession planning & its role in the organisation
  • Lay the groundwork for developing a succession plan
  •  Recognise the importance of mentorships
  •  Learn to use a SWOT analysis to set goals
  •  Create a plan, assign roles & execute the plan
  •  Develop a plan to manage change
  •  Learn to anticipate obstacles, re-evaluate goals & focus on progress
  •  Learn how to know when success has been achieved