Critical Path Method


Date : March 18-19, 2019 @ ZOHL Consultancy


CPM training teaches you how to apply critical path method in your projects. The critical path method (CPM) is a procedure for scheduling a series of project activities. CPM is usually applied in all types of projects, such as construction, aerospace and defense, software development, research projects, product development, engineering, and plant maintenance, to name a few. Generally, any project that contains interdependent actions could use this mathematical evaluation algorithm. While the initial CPM algorithm and technique is not being applied anymore, the phrase is usually used in any method employed to evaluate a project network logic diagram. During this hands-on course, we will provide you with the concepts, methods, and tools you need to know in order to create a CPM unique to your project. DOWNLOAD BROCHURE/REGISTER


Upon the completion of CPM training, the attendees are able to:

  • Define the project elements
  • Define project management
  • Understand all the process of managing the project
  • Plan the project
  • Understand and apply project management tools
  • Understand the terms and definitions associated with CPM
  • Discuss the benefits and limitations of CPM
  • Articulate the CPM assumptions
  • Analyze the problems and context
  • Formulate the indicators
  • Asses the impacts
  • Perform PID
  • Develop the CPM process
  • Estimate the earliest start (ES) and earliest finish (EF)
  • Estimate the latest start (LS) and latest finish (LF)
  • Apply and evaluate crash action


CPM training is made of both lectures and practical exercises. The practical exercise, making up for more than 80% of the course, includes labs, individual/group activities, role-plays, and hands-on workshops. The course agenda is designed to be comprehensive, but it is also flexible to be tailored based on the needs of your organization.