Employee Engagement – Take Charge


Date : March 24-25, 2019 @ ZOHL Consultancy


Employee Engagement – Take Charge! is a program which will guide participants to be more responsible for their future by setting crystal clear goals and making brave choices. In achieving those goals, they will learn to strengthen their communication skills, teamwork and appreciating the world surrounding them. Successful managers know they have to engage their workforce. Engaged employees are emotionally and intellectually committed to the success of the organization. They go the extra distance, are more productive, have lower stress levels, enjoy greater work satisfaction and tend to stay with the organization longer. However, it can be difficult for business owners and senior managers to engage directly with their employees. The Employee Engagement program from ZOHL introduces managers to practical tools that keep a team focused and productive, while connecting with them on an emotional level. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the important components of engagement and how to engage with your team in a meaningful way.DOWNLOAD BROCHURE / REGISTER


After attending this program, participants will be able to do the following:

  • Gauge how important they take their life, personal and at work or
    study, and how much potential they have.
  • Build a mindset of improving the Quality of their life, both personal
    and at work or study.
  • Polish their view of the world by not taking things for granted.
  • Equip themselves with a toolset of building rapport, effective listening, etc.
  • Apply proven techniques in being responsible for the happenings
    around them.
  • Achieve personal excellence by understanding and working with
    the people around them.
  • Embark on action plans to immediately improve the Quality of


This program will be conducted with:

  • Interactive Lecturers | PowerPoint presentation
  • Management Games | Simulations
  • Discussions | Practical Exercise | Role Play | Case Study