1. What type of companies are eligible to register as Host Companies?

The application is opened to all locally registered companies with valid business registrations with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).


2.  How much do Host Companies have to pay to register?

The registration is FREE.


3. How many candidates can Host Companies employ for OJT (On-Job-Training)?

There is no limit.


4. Do Host Companies need to pay any allowance to the candidates?

No. Host Companies are not required to pay allowance to the candidates. The candidates will receive RM1,500 monthly from Khazanah for 6 months. However, we strongly encourage the companies to support the candidates’ cost of living by providing extra allowances and to employ them after the OJT period.


5. How long is the OJT period with Host Companies?

6 months. However, the Host Companies must release the candidates who are offered permanent jobs elsewhere during OJT period.


6. What is the resignation notice period the candidates must provide to the Host Companies?

Not less than 5 working days.


7. Must Host Companies provide desktop PCs or laptop computers to the candidates or can we request the trainees to bring their own?

We prefer Host Companies to provide the PCs. However, Host Companies can request the candidates to bring their own PCs.


8. Are Host Companies required to provide official Letter of Appointment to each candidate?

No. However, Host Companies must fill up Appendix B (SL1M Placement Confirmation Form) a copy of which must be returned to us.


9. Under certain circumstances if the Host Companies find the candidates not suitable or incompetent to carry out their duties, can the Host Companies give a one-day termination notice to the candidates?

We require at least 5 working days for a notice of termination of service. Host Companies are required to inform ZOHL as to the decision in writing.


10. Within 6 months of OJT period can Host Companies terminate the services of the candidates due to valid reasons (such as misconduct, breach of company employment policy, serious attitude problems, etc) or we are required to fulfill the entire 6 months?

Yes. Proper written justification for termination is required to be sent to ZOHL. At least 5 working days notice is required.


11. Are we allowed to request the trainee to work shifts or OT with additional remuneration given at our cost and calculation?

Yes. However, we recommend that during the interview session the Host Companies highlight the requirements and expectations from the company to the candidates.


12. Are the candidates allowed to go on leave such as Sick Leave, Annual Leave, etc? If so, what are the number of days communicated to them?

The candidates leave entitlement is per Host Company’s Leave Policy.


13. Are the candidates allowed to switch Departments during the 6 months OJT period or they must remain in one particular Department throughout the period?

It depends on the company’s requirement and instruction. Preferably the assignments are relevant to their field of studies.


14. Are the candidates allowed to do mundane and clerical work such as data entry, filing, etc, throughout the 6 month period?

Yes. But preferably the Host Companies would assign tasks which are relevant to their field of studies.


15. Are Host Companies obligated to absorb the candidates into becoming permanent or contract employees at the end of the 6 months program?

No. But we strongly encourage the company to hire them on permanent or contract basis, especially, if their performance is above average.


16. Are Host Companies obligated to give any reasons if they decide not to absorb them?

No. At the end of the program (6 months OJT) the Host Companies need to inform ZOHL on the decisions (absorb/not absorb).


17. Can Host Companies absorb them to become permanent/contract employees anytime during the 6 month OJT period?

The Host Companies can offer them permanent/contract employment anytime during the 6-month OJT period.


18. Is this a one off contract or do we have to sign other contracts for other batches in the future?

Yes. Different batches require a new contract.


19. For current contract, if we need more trainees, do we need to sign another contract?

No. The Host Companies need to fill up the Employer Request Form (ERF) and fill up Appendix B and send to ZOHL for processing.