Web Services

ZOHL Web Services:
1. internclassified.com
A virtual marketplace connecting the countries freshest minds with the most innovative companies.

If you are a college or university student looking for a challenging companies to work for on your internship then look no further. internclassified.com is all you need to fulfill your college or university requirements on internship or practical training.

internclassified.com is a common platform for interns and companies to meet virtually. Interns can deposit their resumes for subsequent viewing from potential employers. Employers can register with internclassified.com through a simple process and we will do the rest.

internclassified.com is an innovative intern hiring marketplace serving young career professionals, interns and the companies that hire them. By transforming the resume into unique visual profiles that dynamically integrate video, images and social media, young candidates are able to provide employers with a deeper, more transparent presentation of their story. This online marketplace allows top talent to land positions at leading companies. And we are happy to facilitate this transition from your college or university environment to pre-employment environment. Good luck!

For further information please email our webmaster at: info@internclassified.com

2. mykerjaya.com
Finding a job can be tough, but it shouldn’t have to be! At mykerjaya.com, we help you pick out a job that fits your skills and interests. Whether you see yourself wearing a white-collared shirt or a blue-collared shirt, you’ll find relevant job openings here.

Further, our positions are available on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. This added exposure on a wide variety of internet sources from your one-time posting on mykerjaya.com drives targeted traffic to your job announcement. One time. One stop.

The site is entirely free and confidential for job seekers.

For further information please email our webmaster at: info@mykerjaya.com

3. myhandycraft.com
myhandycraft.com is our social enterprise set up to assist selected under-privileged groups such as handicapped centers, single mothers, senior citizen centers, and orang asli centers, with the hope that it will uplift their quality of life and economic status. We hope the customers would buy these products, not for the sake of buying, but to support a good cause at the same time. What’s more, a small portion of the proceeds will be donated to several charities as well.

For further information please email our webmaster at: info@myhandycraft.com

4. myhandyshoppe.com
myhandyshoppe.com is our multi-merchant e-commerce platform focuses on the promotion of SME products such as clothing, F&B, beauty & cosmetics, electrical & electronics, telecoms, accessories, etc.

myhandyshoppe.com offers customers an effortless shopping experience with a comprehensive access to retailers. In addition, retailers will enjoy a simple and direct access to the largest customer base in Malaysia, as well as an international market.

Our target group of sellers will be those under-privileged groups that may have limited or no market access to promote their products. For instance, they could be small retailers from the rural areas. We are committed to bringing the highest quality products at reasonable prices to our customers. All of our products are brand new, sourced directly from carefully selected SMEs/manufacturers. As no middleman is involved, every purchase made indirectly contributes to sustaining the economic growth of these SMEs.

5. kritik.com.my
kritik.com.my is a user-friendly online social engagement platform for people to comment or voice out opinions on a broad spectrum of issues ranging from Arts, Banking & Finance to Utilities.

Our main idea and intention behind this portal is to help provide a convenient channel for people to share their experience and engage in discussions about what matters the most to them in relation to the services received and offered by the service providers and/or stakeholders in various categories.

In addition, kritik.com.my serves as a pressure group to ensure optimum service delivery by service providers and/or stakeholders to their respective customer/target groups. It will also provide a platform for consumers/general public to get their opinions across to service providers and/or stakeholders. This portal can help service providers/stakeholders determine what is gratifying or lacking in the services they provide. This enables them to address any shortcomings or initiate any improvements.

6. fundtogive.com
We are an online platform with a specific mission to assist our community raise funds for medical emergencies, humanitarian aides, personal needs for education & healthcare, infrastructure projects for the community, creative projects or any social cause – big or small.

We provide complete crowdsourcing solutions (donation, fundraising, and crowdfunding) to empower individuals, NGOs and social enterprises to raise funds. We aim to bring out the best in people’s generosity for the greater good of their society.

Our goal is to help those in need and ease their financial burden as well as showing to the community how fun it is to give back to the society. Welcome to fundtogive.com