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We are an online platform with a specific mission to assist our community raise funds for medical emergencies, humanitarian aides, personal needs for 
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Myhandyshoppe.com (MHS) is Malaysia’s latest multi-merchant e-commerce platform focused on the promotion of SME products such as clothing, F&B
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Kritik.com is a user-friendly online avenue for service consumers to voice out opinions on a broad spectrum of current issues and services, ranging from
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Most of our products are purchased directly from charity organizations such as handicapped associations, prisons, single parents groups, indigenous groups
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If you are a college or university student looking for challenging companies to work for on your internship then look no further. internclassified.com is all you
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Mykerjaya.com is one of our online flagship applications developed with industries’ needs in mind. Designed to fulfill employers’ requirements for talent
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Change of Address Notification

We have moved to a new address as follows: ZOHL Group M2-15-02, Level 15, 8trium Tower 2 Jalan Cempaka SD 12/5 Bandar Sri Damansara 52200 Kuala Lumpur. Our Training Center is located at: M2-6-08, Level 6, 8trium Tower 2 Jalan Cempaka SD 12/5 Bandar Sri Damansara 52200 Kuala Lumpur

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What Our SL1M-GREEN Participants Say

Khazanah SL1M-GREEN Programme is the best platform to get working experience. They are very caring about their participants and make sure we get jobs. Thank you :)

Nur Humaira bt Musa

( Bachelor in Science Mathematics )

Khazanah SL1M-GREEN Programme is good for fresh graduates, give opportunity to interact and improve communication skills.

Nur Saidatul Munirah

( Bachelor in Accounting )

Thank you for providing knowledge about things we didn't learn during University. Communication skills, presentation skills etc.

Siti Syuhadah bt MD Sam

( Bachelor in Multimedia Design )

It's a good opportunity for student after graduate. Since we know it's not easy to find a job nowadays. From Khazanah SL1M-GREEN Program , they not only provide us a place for OJT but they also give us knowledge to improve our softskills.

Nur Syafieqa Atierah bt Mohd Rawi

( Bachelor in Operational Research )

Program yang sangat membantu graduan terutamanya dalam kemahiran-kemahiran yang diajar semasa tempoh 'training'. Tambahan pula, program ini juga memberi peluang kepada graduan yang baru tamat belajar untuk menambah pengalaman dalam bidang pekerjaan.

Nur Syafiqah Shabudin

( Bachelor in Information Management )

It is a good opportunity provided by Khazanah for the fresh graduates that just about to start their new phase in life. (Working life)

Maizatul Fitriah

( Bachelor in Islamic Finance )

It's a good program for fresh graduates seeking for employment. A program to train fresh graduates with soft skills and provides job training.

Kartik Kanasamurthi

( Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology )

The thing that I had learnt during a month training are about teamwork, project management, soft-skill, time management and of course it built up my confidence. Currently I'm on my job training at PTS Publishing Company in Marketing Department as marketing executive. Basically my job involved with author and launching event.

Nor Fazleen Ramli

( Bachelor Degree in Tourism )

KHAZANAH SL1M is a good platform to students on a job searching and also it provides training and preparation that is relevant to the current situation on job or career process.

Najjah Mawardee

( Bachelor Degree in Human Sciences )

This program has helps the fresh graduates to explore and gain working experience after graduation. Besides, this program gives a big opportunity for graduate students to start a platform of career. Plus, it may help graduated students improve their soft skills.

Nurhamizan Jeffry

( Bachelor of Civil Engineering )

In my opinion, its a good program especially for fresh graduates. A good platform for fresh grad to secure a job. They also can gain experience that can be useful in career life.

Amirah Hannani

( Bachelor of Civil Engineering )

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