Content Development

3D Modeling

ZOHL uses highly specialized software to generate 3D models that range from word-art to photo-realism. ZOHL develops 3D models for use across all media from print advertising to the internet to digital virtual reality. Cost-effective product prototyping is also fast and easy with the use of computer-generated images and 3D models from ZOHL.


ZOHL uses a variety of animation styles to augment and help traditional forms of marketing become interactive and modern. Digital animation can be used in video productions, websites, and DVD/CD-ROMs. Macromedia Flash is 2D animation software that is installed on 97% of all computers browsing the Internet. 3D models and computer-generated images can be created by ZOHL for use in 3D animations and/or virtual reality. ZOHL’s digital animation expertise can bring your marketing to life in full motion animation.

Virtual Reality

ZOHL uses virtual reality to show 360-degrees of a product exterior, digitally tour facilities or create different environments, real or virtual. ZOHL creates high-quality computer-generated graphics and animations for use in virtual reality. Virtual reality can be used to educate, demonstrate and showcase products and corporate information. Virtual reality has great value for many industries, and ZOHL simply does virtual better.