Internet Support Services


In addition to traditional systems support ZOHL also offers specialized capabilities in supporting Internet services.


ZOHL personnel have experience in the following Internet services:
Web server configuration,

Firewall implementation

Internet training

Email server implementation

Proxy server implementation

Web connectivity

On-site implementation

Website development

HTML programming including: PHP, JAVA and CGI

ZOHL has the experience required to combine other technologies such as ORACLE Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with Internet systems to create a true on-line information service.


ZOHL has also implemented Intranet applications where the technology of the Internet is used to implement in- house information systems for low cost distribution across multiple computer platforms.


Services are provided by Unix, Linux and PC systems engineers, Local and Wide Area Network designers and in the case of Web site development, a combination of programmers and graphics artists. ZOHL’s success in the implementation of the Internet technology has been through the recognition of its use as a business tool. In this light, ZOHL can work to design Internet systems where a direct return from their implementation can be realized.